Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MRI Run Day 2

Good workout today, took the MRI Surge and Beta Charge and hit the gym.  Today was a pretty short workout doing 40 minutes of hills.. Didn’t have a chance to go outside so decided to run on the treadmill working on inclines, and speed.  Took the Surge around 11:30 and then the Beta right around 11:45.  Arrived at the gym around noon and the product had already kicked in.  Got my stretch in and hit the run.. The run started off a bit heavy, but right away got easier and easier.  I was able to push today, and felt pretty easy. 

Worked on hills and everything felt easy and I felt light.  Felt as if I was gliding and my HR did get a bit high at one point, but was pushing a 6:45 min mile.  As I began to slow down the HR began to slow down and ended up my workout with a farly low HR.  All in all, felt great and thumps up today to MRI.


Today’s workout:

1 mile warm up-1% incline, 6.8 MPH

When I hit the 10 minute mark, 6% incline and 5.5MPH, then declined the treadmill by 1% until I got to 1% incline and 8.5 MPH.


After I was done with the incline, left the incline at 1% and ran an easy 6.7MPH for about 1 mile.


Finished at around 40 minutes and completed about 4.67 miles

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Its time to turn it on again, I will be now writing about my training, races and my Spartanettes as much as possible.  I received from our sponsor, MRI Performance a shipment of products last night and started on them.  Really looking forward to eating clean, training and seeing what I can do both from a physique standpoint and performance.  Last year I PR’d every race and this year started off the same way.  My first race of the year was the Cap10K and I PR’d it.. Didn’t think I could and really wasn’t working to do so, but it happened relatively easy. 

I want to be able to look back after my journey with the MRI experiment and will be documenting my journey.  Hopefully this product will help me and help others.

Day 1:

Received the shipment late in the day, so took the MRI Recover and Repair supplement which helped me sleep pretty good.  I went to sleep around 9:45 PM and woke up this morning relatively easy at 4:50 Am.  It is extremely hard for me to wake in the am, and not only that, but also I am extremely sleepy most of the day. 

After waking up, I was planning on doing some HIT training and so I took me some MRI Surge and MRI Beta Charge.  Within 20 minutes I started getting the tingling sensation and began my workout.  The workout seemed fairly easy and consisted of the following:

4 Rounds for time-

400M Run

25 KB Swings

10 Pull ups

20 Lunges


Completed the workout in about 12 minutes and really wasn’t winded.
After the workout headed home and had me a nice smoothie consisting of: Pineapple, Spinach, Cucumber, Kale, blueberries, Soy Lecithin and Apple Cider Vinegar. 
Once I got to the JOB, I brought me some EO2VMax and will sip on it during the morning.  The other supplements I took this morning were the Immune Fit, Vo2Edge and my Omega 3’s. 
Lets see how the day goes and tonight got me a 40 minute run with hills.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another fun day of beautiful Pflugerville weather, andAnother good showing at Spartan Camp last night and already am seeing improvement in everyone’s abilities along with mobility.  The workout was about 20 minutes of non-stop building up focusing mostly on Jump Rope and push-ups with added fun drill along the way.  We had roughly 20 people show up with a few new faces, and a lot of determined ones too.
The workout ended with 3 minutes of planks, and then it was rest and relaxation time. 
Next week will be another fun filled workout, focusing on more functional movements, and preparing for the next “Test” in two weeks.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Rest Day

So looking forward to my Monday.  Today is my rest day, and I am really enjoying it and will the rest of the day.  Normally by Sundays I am completely drained from not only the workouts I do on weekends, but the family activities, and cooking my meals for the week.  This weekend was no different, and last night I was in bed before 10 which is extremely rare.
Normally on Rest days if possible, I like to get some sort of therapeutic recovery.  My recovery is mostly: Compression Socks, and pants, Epsom Salt Baths, Rolling out with the Foam Roller and The Stick, and massages.  I also like to get in the sauna or steam room to let my pours open up.
Recovery days are also my day of planning.  I normally plan my workouts and make sure my schedule will allow me to complete my weekly workouts and times.
One recovery exercise I enjoy is dipping my feet in an Ice/heat bath.  If your feet are tired and achy, set up two buckets, one with Ice cold water and one with Hot water.  Dip one foot in one, and the other foot in the other bucket.  Have your feet in the buckets for about 30 seconds each, and go for about 5 minutes. 
This is a nice therapeutic activity for your feet....

Tomorrow morning kicking it off with Crossfit, and at lunch time, doing some swimming speed work. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Loving me some Live Soda

Recently I started drinking me some Live Soda, and this stuff tastes great and is good for you.  With probiotics and Kombucha, been feeling really good after drinking this nice little hidden gem.  here is some info I found about Kombucha and Probiotics.

Check out Live Soda at

What are the benefits?

Kombucha has reported detoxification and immunity enhancing properties. Analysis of the contents of kombucha confirms that it is rich in amino-acids, probiotics, antioxidants, glucuronic acid, trace minerals, B vitamins. Remember kombucha is a living, enzyme-rich drink. Kombucha contains organic acids, same acid found in vinegar, providing an antibacterial element.
Kombucha helps eliminate lactic acid produced by body, lactic acid is linked to muscle slowness and strain. Kombucha contains glucaric which has been provde to help detox the liver. Kombucha inhibits enzymes responsible for eliminating glucaronic acid. Kombucha contains probiotics which aids the immune system functions, however probiotics are only present in raw Kombucha. Kombucha contains B Vitamins which are used for energy production. Enzymes are also present in Kombucha these break down sugar and help your body process nutrients. Kombucha also contains electrolytes to help keep you hydrated. Lastly, Kombucha contains amino Acids and antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that block the action of free radicals (activated oxygen molecules that can damage cells).

Kicking it off on a wonderful Friday Morning CF Style

What a great morning so far, woke up ready to go with some energy in the tank after my grueling afternoon CF workout.  Got focused this morning and was ready for whatever wonderful workout was on the board upon arriving at Fit and Fearless-Crossfit.
The day started with Front Squats 4X followed by 4X push press-4 sets... this was the warmup... The workout was 3 rounds of the following:
9 KB Swings (Went with 50lbs)
6 Toe to bar touches
3 Wall Walks

The KB Swings were fairly easy, and the first round and a half of T2B were easy, and then the wheels came off.  During the 3rd round, my legs were pretty heavy.  The Wall to Walks are new to me, and basically you do a handstand, and walk towards a wall.  Requires a lot of balance, luckily I have this.  The entire workout took me about 3:19, and I thought I was done...
Not exactly.  After the rounds were over, we had a "Cash out".. There were 6 of us, so there ended up being 6 stations.  1-Row for 1 minute, Bike-1 Minute, Hollow Rocks-1 Minute, Sit-up to stands-1 Minute, and Planks-1 Minute.  It ended up not being as hard as I thought, but still was a bit challenging.
So, the AM workout is done, and later today I will be doing my Tri training.  I have 3X800M swims, or 2400 Meters total.  Should be fun....
Will be needing some rest, tomorrow I am coming out of retirement to play a little Golf, and then will be hitting the track.  Sunday will consist of an 8 Mile Tempo Run.  Short, fun and intense weekend.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

My new obsession with Crossfit

In my second week of putting my body through pain.  Recently i began training with my good friend Valerie Hunt, owner of Run ATX and Crossfit Fit and Fearless and can say, I am hooked.
I have always done some sort of CF workouts, the workouts are short, sweet and intense.  Currently I am attending 3-4 classes per week and really think this is helping me with my Triathlon training.  Recently in Galveston, during my first half ironman on the run my legs felt a little shaky and could have used more speed.  Nevertheless, did well in the Ironman, but would have done much better had my legs been stronger and I could have run and pushed harder during the fun, half marathon.
Doing CF has been good for me because you are always working on high intensity, and your body gets used to high intensity, and that paired with my Tri training will only make me a faster runner. 
We have been doing all kinds of workouts from Deadlift, to toe to bar touches, kettlebells, push ups, and pull ups.  There are many more workouts in store and I am really looking forward to all the fun.
Will be documenting my progress.. The test will be at Lake Pflugerville which will be my next tri, and I am hoping to break the 1:20 mark which should be doable.  Especially with a better swim and run. 
The workouts continue, and looking for big improvements.  Now, time to put in work and make it happen.